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Tiny Dancer

Children love to dance and dance classes can nurture talent and spark the creativity of tiny dancers whilst positively impacting a child’s physical, emotional, and mental health. Dancing is also a way for children to learn self-expression whilst developing gross motor skills and coordination. Most importantly, dancing is a fun way for them to release their energy and excitement! Our tiny dancer program nurtures your child's development in a friendly, inclusive and caring environment using story telling, props, mime, improvisation and play.

Classical Ballet

Classical ballet is a dance form characterized by grace and artistry of movement. Ballet is considered the foundation of many dance genres. All of our Ballet classes are taught by teachers who hold their teaching qualification with the Cecchetti Ballet of Australia and are recognised internationally.

The Cecchetti Method - The timeless Cecchetti Principles of grace, balance and line form the basis of a sound training syllabus that has been developed to meet the needs of today's modern child - teaching co-ordination, poise, confidence, rhythmical sense and musicality while ensuring that the process is still fun! Cecchetti-trained dancers have achieved great success throughout the world. They are generally well-regarded for their purity of line and for their ability to adapt easily to other forms of dance.

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Stretch & Strengthening

The Stretch and strengthening classes are focused on building core strength and safe stretching techniques. Building and maintaining both strength and flexibility greatly enhance the dancers ability to achieve better mastery over their chosen dance style.

Pre-Pointe / Pointe

The pre-pointe class provides specific stretching and strengthening exercises tailored to preparing the student for pointe work, as well as basic pointe exercises building them up for when they enter Pointe classes.
All ballet students must do a minimum of two ballet classes per week to be eligible for this class. All pre-pointe students, when ready, will be given an independent assessment by a trained Physiotherapist, before being allowed to progress onto pointe.

Tap Dance

Tap dance is heaps of fun! This dance form combines a love of dance, music and performance and a discipline that teaches the dancer about musicality, improvisation, rhythm, and syncopation. It transforms the dancer from a visual performer into a fully-fledged percussive musician. Tap dance emphasizes the flow of movement by teaching the dancer to find rhythms and beats not only in music but in their own bodies.

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Jazz / Modern / Funk

Jazz dance combines techniques of classical ballet and modern dance with the current forms of popular dance. Jazz also has its own movement vocabulary ranging from the isolation of certain body parts to the movement of the entire body with the accents of musical rhythms.

Jazz dance can take on many different characteristics and styles, including Street Jazz, Percussive, Broadway, Contemporary and Lyrical. Jazz classes can be patterned in any of these styles or a combination of them. Emphasis is on the importance of energy, rhythmical accuracy, and style. Our Jazz Moves syllabus from the ATOD encompasses everything from foundation Jazz to the very latest moves. For more information please visit


Contemporary dance encourages self-expression, natural movement and personal interpretation. This style combines elements of several dance genres including Modern, Jazz, Lyrical and Classical Ballet.

Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind, the heart and the body through fluid dance movements with a strong focus on modern techniques as well as musicality and self-expression.

Hip Hop

Hip-hop is a unique and exciting style of street dance, usually danced to hip-hop music, that evolved from the hip-hop street culture in the USA. Hip-hop includes various moves such as breaking, popping, locking and krumping, and even house dance.

Improvisation and personal interpretation are essential to hip-hop dancing. Often hip hop is referred to as a “street” style of dance based on music videos. It is a high energy style of dance that is often done in street clothes and sneakers. Hip Hop with its non-stop fun and high energy compilation of moves encourages the dancers to bring their own unique style and flava to the dance floor.

Yoga & Meditiation

The ancient practice of yoga provides a philosophical journey of understanding bringing balance and health physically, emotionally, and mentally, allowing one to attain calm and tranquil in the frantic pace of modern life.

Meditation is a part of yoga which deals with mental relaxation and concentration. Here, attention is focused on thoughts and breath to achieve a mentally clear, emotionally calm and stable state.

About Us

MLV Dancers is a dance school with classes for both children and adults in a variety of styles and range of abilities. Classes include Classical Ballet - Cecchetti Method, Tap Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz/Modern/Funk, Contemporary Dance, Hatha Yoga, meditation and relaxation.

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